3903 Commits (algorand)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  cgeek 913442e6e5 BA implementation try. Abandonned. 1 year ago
  cgeek b47817d388 [enh] Delegation with VRF keys (Block v11) 1 year ago
  cgeek e59013dfc9 [fix] #1156 Reject transactions with incorrect output scheme 1 year ago
  cgeek 1b06877863 [fix] #1135 Regularly try to reconnect to the WS2P network 1 year ago
  cgeek c30fcd6421 [enh] refactoring: logs on document receiving 1 year ago
  cgeek 268aba5764 [fix] #1166 PreferedNodes should have higher priority on trimming 1 year ago
  cgeek 9aba06ac16 [fix] #1164 Docpool sync must also take internal certifications 1 year ago
  librelois 45ea54531c [fix] typo cli --ws2p-noprivate --ws2p-nopublic 1 year ago
  librelois 29f61d4ccc improve WS2P_REGEXP 1 year ago
  librelois 19f448ac46 [mod] test automatic addition of / in ws2p path 1 year ago
  librelois 8be7e98ff0 [fix] break test ws2p/host.js 1 year ago
  librelois c5cc1af383 [fix] ws2p patch (delete space) 1 year ago
  librelois 95dad4bcf1 [enh] automatic add / at begin ws2p path 1 year ago
  Éloïs d1b3679b33 Merge pull request #1158 from Smyds/dev 1 year ago
  smyds 3f67506203 fix typo 1 year ago
  librelois f7797fcc9d attempt to repair test ws2p_server_limitations 1 year ago
  librelois d33e8cd6b5 [fix] break test ws2p_server_limitations 1 year ago
  librelois 1ea16cd3af [fix] #1151 ws2p test upnp correction 1 year ago
  librelois 46c6239a01 [fix] #1148 field inversion between ws2pId and software 1 year ago
  librelois bd65b3cf32 v1.6.10 1 year ago
  cgeek 2cfc3b4947 [fix] #1147 Prevent double-sending of a same document + ban on 5 errors 1 year ago
  cgeek 6b0fc1cbd3 [fix] #1145 Hot keyring changing is not taken into account for the proof 1 year ago
  cgeek 0754fdfd3b v1.6.9 1 year ago
  cgeek 414c5ece64 [fix] #1135 Never allow to loose all the WS2P connections 1 year ago
  cgeek 6808767851 [fix] #1142 Avoid possible memory leak with HEAD cache 1 year ago
  cgeek 8d51bc3cfa [fix] #1141 Immediately close a WS2P connection if it fails 1 year ago
  cgeek f7df386856 [fix] #1144 Too many redundant logs 1 year ago
  cgeek b96394de14 [fix] #1132 Too many "Could not reach" errors 1 year ago
  cgeek df53560664 [fix] #1141 Close websocket connection if authentication fails 1 year ago
  cgeek b6ca9c1bd1 [fix] #1131 Propage HEADv1 messages 1 year ago
  cgeek 0db9c53c48 [fix] #1129 Allow additional `path` parameter for WS2P 1 year ago
  cgeek da024d0775 [fix] server:any => server:Server tests broken 1 year ago
  cgeek 57841d6a74 [fix] WS2PStreamer moving was not complete 1 year ago
  librelois bdade74029 [fix] typage treatment of all "server:any" 1 year ago
  cgeek ebc7edc5a5 [enh] Add "yarn run tscw" command 1 year ago
  cgeek 5c12e7a0aa [enh] Move WS2PStreamer.ts in the right folder 1 year ago
  cgeek 4f711e9db8 [fix] #1138 Make WS2P compliant with IPv6 1 year ago
  cgeek 798de96d1a [fix] #1139 Transaction parsing does not clean its arrays 1 year ago
  cgeek e6ef5ce80a v1.6.8 1 year ago
  cgeek d586e595f5 [fix] Ban mechanism was broken confusion between milliseconds and seconds 1 year ago
  cgeek 07ca679b4b v1.6.7 1 year ago
  cgeek 7c61bed374 [fix] Add a ban mechanism for WS2P 1 year ago
  cgeek 2a85bfb5d2 [fix] Do not remove a peer from the database 1 year ago
  cgeek 5647a1f458 [fix] Trim duplicated INCOMING connections 1 year ago
  cgeek db65bfbd99 [fix] Do not emit twice the block event 1 year ago
  cgeek 463b86aaf5 [fix] #1126 Broken test 1 year ago
  cgeek 2db5a1f7bd [fix] #1126 Set the maximum prefix value to 899 1 year ago
  cgeek 45bd7d5011 [fix] #1126 The prefix gets mixed with core ID when we have 10+ cores 1 year ago
  cgeek d595e742a2 [fix] #1126 Allow UP to 999999 nodes + clean commented code 1 year ago
  Cédric Moreau 7df35aaed4 Merge pull request #1128 from duniter/status_exit_return 1 year ago